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Toka venture Sdn . Bhd

Export and Importation



What do we do?

Our Company

– Trade and commercial affairs in relation to all permitted
commercial goods

– Buying and selling, preparation, production, processing and packaging

– Export and import distribution and marketing (non-pyramid and non-network)

– In relation to all permitted commercial goods

– Obtaining and granting representation of domestic and foreign companies (public and private)

– contract work

– Provision of human resources regarding the subject of the company’s activity


– Supplying all raw materials and machines needed by industrial and non-industrial factories and workshops

  • Graphic display
  • Traffic analysis
  • Graphic display
  • Traffic analysis

What do we do?

About Us

  • Export and Importation
  • Sales and Distribution

companies is an online and phisical business liaison center and service provider with a specific aim to promote trades between Middle East amd ASEAN regions, through better understanding of each country business laws and requirements – business praction – market potentials – business opportunities – customs and culture in conducting businesses in those respective countries.


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Our products

Products include:
- Dates (Rabi - Kabkab - Mozafati - Pyaram - Zahedi)
- Pistachio
- Saffron
- Raisins
- Kinds of drinks
- latex
- Coffee
- Pineapple
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