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Kabkab date

Khark ripens in the beginning of Amardad, but the harvesting of its fully ripe fruit (dates) starts in the middle of Shahrivar and continues until the middle of Mehr. This date is considered one of the more varieties. The thorn of this variety cannot be used, so it must be cooked and dried before consumption.
• Farudin Moon: In this month, the flowers are revealed after the tare splits. Palm inoculation takes place at this stage.
• July: The second stage is called Chalal. A fruit that has not grown much and is green in color. This fruit stage has increased in weight and volume of the fruit and almost assumes the original shape.
• August: At this stage, the fruit becomes colored and takes on yellow and red colors, which is called Kharak. At this stage, the fruit is edible and has many fans.
• Shahrivar month: during this time, the fruit is completely ripe and soft, sweet and juicy, which is called retb, and in a short period of time, it turns into a date.